Useful College Admission Tips

Furthering your education can give you a huge leg up in the workplace, get you in the door to be considered, and furthermore learn skills and hone them. There quite a bit that goes into the entire college admission process and it can be exhausting. Luckily for you we have a few tips to make the process a little easier!

With all tips, making sure you meet deadlines is very important. It never hurts to be much earlier than needed.

Finding the Right School

The first big step is finding a school that is right for you. You would know what it is you’d like to study and dedicate time to, the main thing is to find a school where either:

  • The primary focus of the college or university is with that particular field.
  • Offers a major in that particular field.

There will be numerous schools to look through if you’re getting around to it now. If you’re already certain of what school you wish to attend or which schools you’d like to apply to, tremendous! Finding a school is something that should be done early.

Initial Steps

The other initial steps to the college admission process are seeing what sorts of testing or other criteria your school or schools of choice prefer. Some schools only need you ACT or SAT scores. Others look to your extracurricular activities, athletics, and so on.

Check into forms you will need to fill out for school as well as getting your high school transcripts sent to your choice colleges and/or universities. It’s also important that you get letters of recommendation from as many teachers and employers as you feel that you need. You want as many good letters about you as a person and your work ethic as possible.


You will need an admissions essay for college — especially for major, prestigious ones. This essay should cover you are, what your strengths are, and why you’re interested both in the field you wish to enter and the school. In a way it’s an autobiography without the “On X date, I was born in X place to X parents…” portion. All that is needed is the meat of your life story and the relevant parts to your enrolling. When writing about interests, be specific. For example:

“I like to write.”

This won’t cut it. It’s too vague and comes off as very basic and primary school-like. Instead you should go with something to the effect of:

“I enjoy writing short stories in my free time. Normally I write science fiction and fantasy and have submitted stories to several markets. I hope that my academic career here at X college in Literature Arts will assist in strengthening my writing ability.”

In other cases about the admissions essay, you will be given a subject to write on. You will need to research it and express your views on it. If your personal viewpoint on a subject is strongly opposed for or against the topic, try not to go into the extreme zone as with college admissions essays controversial views tend to backfire.

Interviews and Visits

If your school of choice offers interviews, dress tastefully and speak clearly. Make sure you answer all questions presented to the best of your ability without being too long winded or too vague. Also, listen closely when the dean, headmaster, or representative is talking.