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At EBS we recognize the power of being able to communicate effectively. We offer the following language programs to support our students in becoming effective communicators.

The "AIM" French Language Program incorporates gestures into the learning of French. Right from the first class, students start to speak French, supported by gestures, helping them to develop an "ear" for the language. The program is fun for the kids, and gets them speaking early on. Once a basic vocabulary is established, the students move on to plays and music. Language acquisition progresses very quickly and the children develop confidence communicating, even at a basic level, after only a few months.
American Sign Language (ASL) As part of our "Total Communication" approach to teaching, all students are given sign instruction in conjunction with the AIM French program by converting the gestures to ASL signs. Our students very quickly learn to speak French and sign at the same time, and the sign supports French learning for the hearing impaired students in the school. Outside of French class, the use of sign brings a visual and kinaesthetic component to lessons, helping students of all learning styles to take an active role in learning new concepts.