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At Elizabeth Buckley School, we believe that all children deserve:

Children come first at Elizabeth Buckley School
  • To be a part of a safe, nurturing community;
  • To enjoy feelings of self-worth and success;
  • To learn in small classes with a low student to teacher ratio;
  • To be treated as individuals with unique needs and abilities;
  • To benefit from a partnership between school, staff and parents
  • To have opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social and physical development;
  • To have balance between individual and social, quiet and active, self-directed and guided experiences.
We believe that parents deserve:
  • To be welcomed and to feel a sense of belonging;
  • To have access to high quality, affordable education for their children, promoting academic excellence;
  • To benefit from a respectful partnership with school staff;
  • To be part of ongoing communication with the school, including the opportunity to provide direction in their child's educational plan.